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We're pumped to announce that we're bringing back "Havoc Underground's Band of the Week"! To start things back up, we bring you Sunset Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette is a Pop Punk band based out of Colorado. Check out their interview below.

HU: Hey guys! Thanks for taking to the time to do this. How did the band start, and how long have you been around?

SS: Waaasaaaap!! Brian here! Thanks for having us, dude! Well, I’d say this band officially started when we made our first Instagram post on March 12th of 2018. Evan (drummer) and I, already had a history playing in bands, we had our first high school punk band together back in ‘96. We were called “The Late Bloomers.” We teamed back up 20 years later in a wood shop and started writing “Memory Lane”, which ended up being one of the bands first songs but didn’t make the cut until our 2nd little EP “Far Beyond Suburbia.” The song is about reuniting in all its glory. Nick (bass) and Josh (guitar) had teamed up with each other prior, and were working on a project as well. So when Evan and I started dabbling in the thought of adding a bass player, we hit up Josh and he informed us that combining forces, 2 and 2 to become 4, would be the shit. We concurred. We had all shared stages together in the Denver scene over the years, but in different bands. We’ve all been in several bands around Denver, so we knew we weren’t teaming up with serial killers, hopefully.

Sunset Silhouette on set for their video "Oxford Road"

HU: Where did the name come from?

SS: Our sweet Evan (drummer) brought the name to the table and it was instantly a hit, after trial and error of other ideas, of course.

HU: Who are some of the bands musical influences?

SS: We have an array of influences. Definitely leaning mostly in the 90’s punk rock era but it’s hard to put it in a box or where it will end up. The most honest review is how other people perceive it, I suppose. Bands we love include, Banner Pilot, Black Sabbath, Lagwagon, The Ataris, Strung Out, Rise Against, Circa Survive, Coheed and Cambria and so many more. It’s hard to say what actually influences the sound. There’s so much music we love that may not even influence our sound too haha

HU: You’ve recorded both of your EP’s at The Blasting Room, a studio most bands in the punk scene would love to record at, what were those experiences like?

SS: Recording at The Blasting Room is always a dream come true. Right when you walk in the door you see the plaques of all the amazing bands that have recorded there, and the list is vast. Owned by Bill Stevenson of Descendents, All, Black Flag, Only Crime and so many others, how could you go wrong? He is a true legend and unmatched drummer. The whole staff over there is absolutely amazing to work with and hang with. They are the magic behind the amazing music that comes outta that place. All of us in the band have recorded there with other bands over the years, as well. We recorded these tunes with Chris Beeble. He is the absolute shit and we love him. We’ve also worked with Jason Livermore and he is the absolute shit too. We love those guys. You could walk into The Blasting Room and Russ Rankin from Good Riddance could be sitting there having lunch and it could blow your mind.

HU: Favorite local venue?

SS: Denver is no stranger to the punk rock dive bar atmosphere. Those are our favorites. There’s so many we love and we’d hate to leave one out by listing others. We love them all and we’re always honored to be invited to play. We lost a great recently. 3 Kings Tavern went under due to this virus taking over. We are so sad to see it go. We played there with you and Dial Drive, man! What a great time and great memories made! Luckily, another Denver punk rock promotion company “Anchors Aweigh” is buying it to continue. Don’t know if the name will change or not.

HU: How have you guys been handling the COVID-19 shutdown?

SS: We’re sad to not be out there playing shows and hanging with our friends, but the most important thing is for everyone to stay safe. We’ve met up once to do Acoustic stuff in the park like a bunch or hippies. It’s fun. Not the same for everyone. I’ve personally reunited with an old friend and acoustic buddy to revamp what we had, and use the time however we can to continue being productive in music. I’m a new Dad too so my time is thin these days. Love my little man. Our bass player Nick has a wonderful son too and he’s a great Dad.

Brian of Sunset Silhouette at "Streets of Denver"

HU: Favorite and least favorite part of being in the Colorado Punk Scene?

SS: I’ve been in the Colorado punk scene since before I was even out of high school. So about 25 years: frequenting shows or playing shows every weekend. Everyone in this band has been around here playing music for a longtime. I guess you see it all. Lots of scene drama like any scene but also a lot of camaraderie. They both come with the territory and usually both point to someone caring so much haha, it’s a great scene. Some great punk bands to come out of it. Pinhead Circus, The Fairlanes, The Gamits, Stuntdoubles, Reno Divorce (our bass player Nick played with them for while) to name some.

HU: Can you pick a favorite show you played as a band?

SS: That’s always hard to say. As long as we have fun, which we usually do, it’s a win win. We love sharing the stage with our friends bands, like you guys! Dial Drive! Love playing shows with our friends People Corrupting People, A Little Off, and Then I Fly (Josh used to play in that band, as well), Check out all these bands, man! But we also love sharing the stage with some of our favorite bands, some who are friends, as well. Like Teenage Bottlerocket, Direct Hit! and Authority Zero. We played a Comic-Con for our first show! It was a beautiful disaster.

HU: What’s a band from the Colorado scene people should checkout?

SS: Oh man, there’s so many. I wanna plug all my friends bands. I can’t plug them all. My favorite band to come out of Colorado is Pinhead Circus.

HU: Anything new coming up for Sunset Silhouette?

SS: We’re in idle mode. Just hanging. Waiting to see what happens with this virus. With Nick and I having kids, we’re a little more cautious then we would be if we didn’t, I think. It makes ya think. Fortunately Evan and Josh are very understanding. But we want there to be more and we want to get back out there and hanging with our friends when the coast is clear. Then we come to Florida and hang with you guys or you can come back here haha! I hope things calm down soon. In the mean time, check out our social media pages, Bandcamp and our videos on YouTube. All our tunes are on the streaming services too.

HU: Awesome man. Thanks for doing this!

SS: Hey!! A huge thanks for having me! Fun times chatting and hope to see you sooner than later. Wishing the best to you and yours. Stay safe!

Check out their music video for "What in the World" (possibly my favorite song ever) below:

Also follow them via Facebook and Spotify



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