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BAD!,” the newest release from Salt Lake City indie rock band Sunfish, is an immediately ear grabbing psychobilly style tune. Brash twangy guitar, rockabilly walking bass, and swinging drums give way to punky leads and a touch of honky tonk keys. The arrangement shows off the versatility of the band, featuring jazz guitar licks, smooth bass leads, and fluent drumming, as well as well-timed punctuation by keys and sax. The chorus is full-tilt mosh pit material with a punchy melody driven by energized lead vocals and choir-style backup vocals.

All of this tumbles directly into a heavy metal breakdown with low bended bass and spooky lead guitar. Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and The Stray Cats meet Gogol Bordello. We would not mind having a whole album of firecracker rockabilly tunes like this one to play for the unsuspecting sweet old ladies at our swing dance club.

Keep up with band news, art, and photography on Sunfish’s Instagram page here.

Sunfish - BAD!

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