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We're really excited to announce that Still Shaking is the newest band to join the Havoc Underground crew! Hailing from Norway, this makes them the second International band added to the Havoc roster. We've been fans of these guys for a while, and we can't wait to help show the world the new music they've been working on. "Like A Rocket", the first single from their new album "Relax Friends" will be out this Friday, August 13th. "Relax Friends" comes out on October 22nd. Get to know the band below, and make sure to pre-save their new single HERE!


HU: First things first... Who is Still Shaking?

SS: Hi! Still Shaking is a 4 piece pop punk band from Bergen, Norway! You got Simen on the drums, Lasse on guitar/vocals, Stian on bass/vocals, and Mats on guitar/vocals.

HU: When/how did the band start?

SS: The band was formed in 2011. Mats and Lasse had just quit their former band because they wanted to play more melodic, catchy, and more like the music they actually grew up listening to, like Nofx, Hot Water Music, The Flatliners, etc.

Mats knew Simen through his first band and mutual friends, and he wanted to join the band! Stian and Simen knew each other from a previous band, and Stian joined about a year later. And it's been us four ever since.

HU: What else have you guys released in the past?

SS: When we started out, we released some demos over the first couple of years, but our first real thing was our debut album "Strike One" in 2014. After that, we released two EPs "About Love" (2016) and "Parallel Universe" (2018). We also recorded a cover of a Norwegian Christmas song.

Everything we have released has been through our friend’s local label, Fight Records!

HU: Favorite or most memorable show?

SS: There have been some good ones through the years. The first that comes to mind is the release show in Bergen for our debut album. We also had the pleasure to support both Dead to Me and Marky Ramone (separate shows) in this small town in Norway called Arendal.

In 2014 we went on a European tour with our friends in Social Suicide. There are a lot of memorable shows and experiences from that trip.

HU: So... Tell us about the new album!

SS: We’ve been writing songs for this album since 2016, and started recording a couple of years ago. In 2019 we recorded drums in Tune Park Studio with our long-time friend and producer Esteban Munoz (Boy Pablo, Tirades, Social Suicide). Then we recorded all the guitars and bass ourselves in Stian’s living room, which we later re-amped in Polyfon Studio.

The whole recording process had some setbacks and delays because of COVID-19, but that allowed us to go over the songs again, do some changes and make the songs even better.

At the end of 2020, when society was opening up a little bit, we started recording the vocals in 777 Studio with Esteban Munoz.

The album is called "Relax Friends", and is mixed by Andreas Westhagen (Carnival Kids) and mastered by Roger Lima (Less than Jake) in Moathouse Studio.

HU: Any show or tour plans in the works?

SS: Things are starting to slowly open back up in Norway. We see some bands are starting to play shows again, so we might be able to play a couple of shows this fall. At least have a release party for the album. Then plan a small tour around Norway next year as things hopefully start to get back to norm.


Check out the teaser for "Like A Rocket", the first single we'll be releasing from the band on Friday, August 13th. You can help them out by pre-saving the new single HERE. We have a few more tracks ready to fire before the album comes out, so make sure to follow Still Shaking to stay on top of what they have going on. Get stoked!

Still Shaking - Like A Rocket (Teaser)



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