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Nashville prog rock band Southpost have just released their newest single entitled “Garbage Princess.” The song’s essence is difficult to pin down, as it floats between aspects of punk, metal, and metalcore overlaid on dense prog and math elements. Deep guitar tones and precise drumming support riff-laden upper strings and soaring vocals. Cross rhythms, mismatched syncopation, and ever changing drum grooves put a more complex spin on any of the aforementioned styles than we’re usually used to hearing. In the absence of a fitting all-encompassing genre label, we’d like to borrow one from the visual art field and call this abstract progcore. Listening to the whole composition is a bit like putting together a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle - challenging, yet ultimately rewarding.

If you relish the Mensa-level brain gymnastics required to fully access and track “Garbage Princess,” you’ll be delighted to know that the band has a few other 2021 releases available online. Keep an eye on band updates by following their Facebook page here.

Southpost - Garbage Princess


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