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Anchorage-based artist, [SAMPLE_TEXT], just unleashed their new album, Lewd & Languid. A 14-track ride that takes you through a wild journey of raw instrumentals, crashing instrumentals, and unique songwriting, this is an anthemic jam that any fan of the grunge/punk world will love. What a release!

Each track flows seamlessly into the next, leaving listeners with a set of songs that feels very deliberate and complete. This album is full. it feels completed and that's not the easiest feat to accomplish. Powerful vocal flows are present in each track, and they're heavily complimented by melodic and raw instrumental work. [SAMPLE_TEXT] doesn't stick to one genre, and that's a big reason why this dynamic album hits so damn hard.

We're not sure what's next for the artist, but we can't wait to hear more. It's obvious that they've found "their sound" best enjoyed from start to finish in order, Lewd & Languid can serve as an anthemic start to your day, or the killer way to end it. This set of songs served as an impressive introduction to the artist's writing style, and we're excited to see how many fans this release brings them.

You can jam along to the new album in its entirety below. We also added a couple of our personal favorites to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow [SAMPLE_TEXT] so you can stay on top of what else they have going on. Enjoy!

[SAMPLE_TEXT] - "Lewd & Languid"



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