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Vibrant and dynamic trio Royal Castles is back with an indie rock single entitled “Been Around.” This track is a bit different from other Royal Castles’ tracks that we’ve reviewed, but “Been Around” still retains a recognizable central sound, which is exactly what we like to hear in a band - a catalog that is unpredictable yet familiar.

Overall, “Been Around” fits in with new indie rock, but there’s something to the verse chord progression that hints at 90s alt music, a twang to the pre-chorus that recalls Tom Petty, and lush chorus backing vocals that surround us in the psychedelic flower-power of 60s/70s popular rock - lots of seemingly disparate elements all wrapped together in a subtly genre-bending and skillfully cohesive, desirable single.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out “Been Around” now and follow Royal Castles for more band updates.

Royal Castles - Been Around

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