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Mike Roberts, aka “roberts.,” is a Houston-based solo artist who began his music career as a strictly acoustic act, but has now transitioned, as one does, to self-described “pop punk sap crap,” which we might relate to the not-quite-industry-standard term “orgcore” (a mix of pop punk, emo, skate punk, and sad jadedness, among other things). The music video for his newest release, “@ u,” chronicles this journey of self-discovery through an A+, stellar storyboard that opens with a jaunty little acoustic track sample and then, after a moment of heartbreak caught on-screen, transitions via prompt drum fill to the real pop punk track.

@ u” fits smartly within the so-called orgcore genre with an all-out display of lively, crystal clear vocals, bright, jangly guitar, smooth bass, and snappy drumming, giving the track that upbeat, peppy sound while simultaneously tempering the animosity behind the lyrics. We are really impressed by roberts.’ ability, as a solo self-recorded artist no less, to produce a polished, neatly packaged track that we predict to have broad appeal. (Congrats!)

Listen to the new track below and then follow the artist here for photos, merch, and behind the scenes fun.

roberts. - @ u

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