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No Pain” is the impetuous new release from Berlin metalcore band Reflected Shadow. Video gamey lead guitars face off in increasingly intricate riffs over a doomscape of heavy bass and drums. The group’s attention to sparsity and intensity in this track is commendable. The sparse, yet intense rhythm section allows the interplay between evolving guitar lines and the highly rhythmic vocals to sit front and center without interfering, but rather punctuating the lead lines, adding to the buildup and intensity of focal points throughout the track. A trace of eerie hammered dulcimer weaves in a dark, ancient texture while subtly recalling Central and Eastern European folk roots. We love to hear it.

Follow the band’s Facebook page here for timely info regarding releases, shows, and merch. We can’t wait to hear what they arrange next. We added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Check out the music video for the new tune below!

Reflected Shadow - No Pain


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