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U.K.-based pop-punkers, Raging Clue, just released their absolute banger of a new single. "Chapters" is an anthemic and catchy track that features hypnotic vocal work over a genre-true and melodic instrumnetal.

You're taken on quite the wild ride while jamming out to "Chapters". Unique transitions lead the way as you're thrown into a journey of spot-on production, ultimately leaving us with a reminiscent but unique and fresh sounding tune. From what we can tell, the band has been busy releasing a string of catchy singles over the last year. We're hoping that this is an indication of more music to come, because by the time this track ended we found ourselves smashing the replay button.

We added "Chapters" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify, You can check out the new tune below. Make sure to follow Raging Clue to stay on top of what else they have going on. Enjoy!

Raging Clue - Chapters



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