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The newest release from Radicals opens with the ground-shattering energy of a searing jet engine liftoff. A Mach 5 Blue Angel rockets past you in an explosion of sound and fury. Amped vocals talk you up over a rowdy, rollicking chorus of power guitar, driving bass, and sizzling drums before the penultimate refrain’s rapturous gales triumphantly gush forth the ravings of a maniacal madman on a breakneck crash and burn flight.

Gleefully berserk, “Falling Faster Slowly” will not be reasoned with as it careens down an inescapable self-made path of catastrophic destruction.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Proceed with caution on “Falling Faster Slowly” and follow Radicals for more band updates.

Radicals - Fast Falling Slowly

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