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Austin, TX rock veterans Rad Gnar (short for “radical gnarly”) have just released a raucous new single entitled “Dead Strings.” The instrumental melody could be a new wave version of The Office theme and, with the addition of unvarnished vocals, jangly guitar, and a well-placed pick slide, this track is garage rock gold. We highly enjoy this poetic framing of delightfully diverting band activities, such as the rush of gigging at a crusty dive bar with duct taped xlr cables, half a blown PA speaker, and not a single functioning mic stand. It truly brings back fond memories.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Rock out and reminisce with “Dead Strings" as well as the rest of their new EP, then follow Rad Gnar for more band updates.

Rad Gnar - Dead Strings

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