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Long Island pop punk quintet Playing Heroes has just released their second single, “White Lies,” a classic pop punk song with a bright, clean sound. The melodic vocals are squarely tuned, dirty vocals add a touch of edge, and well-placed gang vocals grab our attention. This is all backed by tidy drumming, fuzzy bass, and full-bodied guitars, including an intro pick slide as the quintessential cherry on top.

We are super impressed by the impeccable fidelity of this track, considering it was an in-house track/mix/master by the band’s own guitarist. Noticeably crisp audio production to match the freshness of the music itself.

Give this up-and-coming band a follow on Facebook here to track news updates, personal interest stories, and video playthroughs. We hope to see more from this band in the near future! We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check it out below.

Playing Heroes - White Lies

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