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Holy dynamite that mountain and excavate ten tons of bedrock n roll, Batman. “Downtown Livin’” is the latest track from Toronto-based punk/rock/everything band Pink Leather Jackets and it is on fire. This rips right out of the gate with a guitar lead that sounds like the opening theme to a Full House remake where Danny Tanner is played by Alice Cooper instead of Bob Saget. “Downtown Livin’” emulates the 2010s big indie sound if it were smashed with hammers, hacksawed via broken bottles of Jack attached to high speed drills, then splintered through a Tube Screamer at max gain for added effect. "Thrash Unreal" era Against Me would be proud.

“Mom needs a hip replacement” is a phrase that should be uttered more often in rock music. Blue-collar cynicism? Check. High energy, zero holds barred, and poetically piercing writing? Also check. This is the most relatable working class disenchantment confessional we’ve ever heard, no exaggeration. Put this shit on and fight the system.

We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Get it out with “Downtown Livin’” and then follow Pink Leather Jackets for more music.

Pink Leather Jackets - Downtown Livin


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