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U.K. trio Pilot Run just released their debut EP "Faces Are Hard to Find". There's a lot we want to say about this EP, but we have to start by getting straight to the point. This thing fucking rips! "Faces Are Hard To Find" is a 5 track banger that takes the listener on quite the journey, leaving them incapable of not hitting replay by the time it's over.

One thing that stands out immediately is how diverse this release is. In just 5 songs you're able to hear so many different influences and styles blending together. Aspects of Punk, Indie Rock, Emo, Alternative Rock, Grunge and even Post-Hardcore are all present here. The band really shines by blending familiar elements with their own style. ultimately leaving us with an incredibly unique and catchy release. At first, we were in complete awe that this could be a debut from a band, but then we were told that the members are actually friends who used to gig together years ago in other projects. That made sense because it's obvious that these guys have found "their sound". What a way to debut the new project!

We're not sure what Pilot Run has planned next, but we cannot wait to hear more, and that's exactly what an EP is supposed to do. We liked this release so much that we added two tracks to our Spotify playlists. "Among the Dead" can be found on our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist, and "Haunted Dead" is on our Underground Punk playlist. Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. Stream the new EP in its entirety below!

Pilot Run - Faces Are Hard To Find (EP)



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