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Is there a better collab than gripping, hard-hitting metalcore and RPG video game-level synths? We sure can’t think of one. “Before You Go” is the newest release from Australian metalcore group Patient Sixty-Seven, featuring producer and synth-whisperer Misstiq. It’s fast, aggressive metalcore with rhythmic, crunchy guitars, heavy bass, downbeat drums, and pure melody vocals juxtaposed against bellicose response vocals, in addition to synth-string punctuation and beautiful padded layers throughout. The track arrangement and production is incredibly impressive, with drop outs, build ups, and fade ins that specifically create space for synth features, as well as subtle changes from half to regular to double time that altogether results in a cohesive and purposeful composition.

We cannot wait to hear what other tracks and collabs Patient Sixty-Seven has planned for 2021. And we are now hardcore lifelong fans of Misstiq, as she is clearly an absolute boss and master of music production. Check out the hall-of-fame-worthy track below and then follow both artists online for future updates. We also added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify.

Patient Sixty-Seven - Before You Go 2.0


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