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Norwegian metal quartet Once Awake have released a striking symphonic masterpiece in “Ashes Of An Enemy.” Poised, bold vocals and arpeggiated video game style synths fly over a heightened orchestral arrangement intertwined with crushing guitars, deep bass, and colossal drums.

Two, chronologically disparate yet thematically similar, potential scenes unfold. In one, a formidably bedecked king surveys a fantastical wintry realm from the precipice of an ice-capped mountain, his legions of battle-hardened warriors in grim war formation behind him. He intends to take everything. In another, desperate, sickened laborers revolt against the flauntingly flourishing bourgeoisie to decry absolutely wretched working conditions. They set fire to the factories, thus catalyzing a bloody, all-out revolution.

The artistry and attention to arrangement in this track tells a detailed, tangible odyssey in any listener-perceived context, either real or imagined. It is endlessly replayable, with different scenes available on each run through. We can't get enough of it.

We added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Choose your own adventure with “Ashes Of An Enemy” and follow Once Awake for other firelit tales.

Once Awake - Ashes Of An Enemy


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