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U.K. based band Octopus Montage just released their powerful new album "How To Live And How To Lose". To get straight to the point, this thing fucking rips. Blending styles of Pop Punk and Metalcore together, the band has left us with a unique and anthemic 12 track banger.

The overall journey you're taken on while jamming this album is pretty epic. You never really know what you're in for. At one moment, you can be vibing to a catchy and clean Pop Punk anthem, the next you can find yourself wanting to mosh to an epic Metal-inspired breakdown.

Octopus Montage - Mother Trucker Dude, That Hurt Like A Buttcheek On A Stick

This release is so impressive because it shows the range that Octopus Montage has. The album was just released on April 2nd, and we expect to see some serious engagement for these guys. We added tracks from this album to both our Underground Punk and our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlists on Spotify.

Octopus Montage - Don't Run Your Mouth

Admittedly, this was somehow our first time listening to the band, but we can guarantee that it will not be the last. Don't be surprised if you find Octopus Montage on our Best of 2021 list at the end of the year. Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. You can stream their new album in its entirety below!

Octopus Montage - How To Live And How To Lose

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