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Do you like your metal otherworldly, warlike, and with a surge of ancient epic fantasy overtones, or are you boring? If you haven’t had your morning coffee, the newest release from speed prog metal band Oceanis will wake you the fuck up and steel you against the day’s adversaries (or maybe just your 9 to 5 - whatever). The intensity of “Innate” is that of an infuriated Achilles careening his chariot of mouth-foaming stallions into a murderous throng of merciless enemies. Unbearably fast guitar technique, heavy bass, and thunderous drumming underscore roaring vocals befit for Agamemnon charging ahead of the fearsome Greek horde while the angelic tones of Paris of Troy are poised opposite. We recommend listening with headphones at dangerously high volume for full immersion into the epic storyline unraveled in this brutal track.

“Big riffs and bigger choruses” can be found at the band’s Facebook page here. Follow and don’t miss out. We also added this track to the top slot of our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify. Check out the new tune below!

Oceanis - Innate



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