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Garage rock band Noiseheads have just released a cruising new single with “Big Money.” It’s a song about big money that purposefully sounds like the opposite of big money, akin to that ripping DIY show you attended in your friend’s basement last week. AC/DC mids-driven guitar tone and a steady, head-bopping rhythm section combine forces in a classic groove under chaotic-neutral vocals.

This is like those illegally busking rock bands you see in subways in NYC, the ones that abruptly pack up and keep moving to new locations every time the police show up. One guy has a portable drum kit, there are battery-powered amps, a man with a sax leaps out of a train and rips a 20-second sax solo, and all the while the lead vocalist is shouting through a megaphone at alarmed passersby rushing through a dirty, graffiti-laden hallway. This track is really the roots of rock music, both in sound and philosophical ethos.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Nod your head along to “Big Money” and follow Noiseheads for future releases.

Noiseheads - Big Money



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