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Dark, perplexing, and deep is the newest single from Salt Lake City post-rock trio No Jure. “Cover My Eyes” is intense from the outset with hauntingly orchestrated instrumental lines under silvery, momentous vocals. The lyrics recount extricating oneself from closely held beliefs and desires - a visibly grueling and painful process. Though there are some moments of respite throughout the track, there is no return from the blistering finale.

Cover My Eyes” delivers what most can only hope to achieve - a mysterious yet provocative relatability, the feeling that you were there with the narrator, experiencing what they have experienced. This is a rare and beautiful track. Do not miss it.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Listen to “Cover My Eyes” below and follow No Jure for future band updates.

No Jure - Cover My Eyes

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