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We're back with another Volume of New Tunes Discovered! As always, this is a playlist made up of some great tracks we received recently from underground artists. Hitting most of the genres under the "Rock" umbrella, there's something for everyone in Volume 5. So check it out below, and find one of your new favorite bands!

Out In Style - Save Me

First up we have the track "Save Me" by the Brazilian Skate Punk band, Out In Style. Starting out with a quote from Tony Montana, the track pulls you in with it's heavy guitars and gang vocals. From the start, you can tell this track isn't going to let up. This was our first time listening to the band, and it definitely left us wanting more. We also added this track to our Underground Punk Spotify playlist.

Last Letters - You Swore

Up next we have the incredibly catchy tune, "You Swore" from Last Letters. This is a great track because of the journey it takes you on. Pulling you in with it's ambient and catchy guitars (reminiscent of Angels and Airwaves), the song then starts to dive into more Pop Punk and Alternative themes. A heavy and poppy chorus then leads you into a really impactful and heartfelt bridge. You can hear the emotion in the screamed vocals during the bridge, leaving you with goosebumps while the song finishes up with its epic and anthemic outro. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify playlist so our listeners can always have it on rotation, but mainly so we (selfish I know) always have easy access to jam this banger!

John E Vistic - King of Rock n Roll

Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative, Indie .... Just a few genre's that came to mind while jamming "King of Rock n Roll", the new single from UK based artist John E Vistic. This track gets right in your face (in a good way), and stays there the whole time! Heavily distorted bass lines set the tone for this track before heading into an eerie and catchy chorus. The vocals in this track are presented in a space somewhere between being screamed and sang, adding to the overall powerful vibe the song gives off. This was our first time listening to John E Vistic, but "King of Rock n Roll" guaranteed that we'll be back.

The Criticals - High Life Clinic

"High Life Clinic" by Nashville based Indie duo, The Criticals, is a song that caught our attention right from the beginning. Starting off with a catchy vocal melody, the track continues on to create an incredibly poppy and anthemic Indie tune. Reminiscent of the major players in the genre like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, The Criticals were able to create a sound of their own. With the addition of Garage Rock influences, the band molds genre's and leaves you with a Rock n Roll inspired Indie song that'll make you want to move around and hit repeat as soon as it's over.

Dead Parrot Society - Left Hand

Norwegian based band Dead Parrot Society really crushed it with their new track "Left Hand". This was our first time listening to the band, and it led to us checking out the rest of their music. What we like about this track is how diverse it is. Elements of Indie, Alternative, Gothic, Garage Rock, Dark Wave, Punk are all heard in this song. It's quite a journey that you're taken on, and it leaves you wanting more after finishing on an epic outro.

Dropout Kings - Virus

The new track, "Virus", by Nu-Metal/Rap rock band Dropout Kings was a track that took us off guard, but in a great way. The song does a great job and blending genre's to really make a banger of a track. "Virus" is a track from their new EP "Glitch Gang", and after listening to it a few times back to back, we're telling you this isn't a release to sleep on. Of course the main band that comes to mind when listening is Linkin Park, but Dropout Kings have created their own style. You can expect big things from the band in the future. This track is also featured on our HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY Spotify playlist.

"Niin kuin se ennen oli" by Finland based band, Bad Sauna, is an Indie Punk hit! Sure, I have no idea what they're saying in the song (it's all in Finnish), but the music speaks for itself here. The song title translates to "As It Used To Be", and for me that gave the song more depth. Great instrumentals, paired with catchy vocal melodies, make this track a great example of a hit within the genre. It was our first time listening to the band, and it left us bookmarking the rest of their discography.

Ocean Eyes - Closure

We wanted to end New Tunes Discovered Volume 5 on an epic note, and the new track "Closure" by Ocean Eyes was the best song to do that. There's a few things that really stood out about this track. The song pulls you in with a catchy bass line and ambient guitars before leading you into a classic Pop Punk breakdown to really get the song started. The song then takes you on an awesome journey with catchy verses and hooks before leaving you with an emotional and epic bridge/outro. The most impressive part of this track? This is a solo project! Ocean Eyes is a solo project based out of Arizona. It sounds like he has more music on the way too. From what we could find, his main social media is his Instagram (linked above) so make sure to follow for more music! We also added this track to our Underground Punk Spotify playlist.


Well there you have it, New Tunes Discovered Volume 5! Hope you enjoyed the tunes. Make sure to follow the Havoc Underground FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to keep up to date with new articles!



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