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Stoked to be back with another New Tunes Discovered playlist! This time around we have some really cool tracks by some really rad artists. As always, these songs hit pretty much every genre under the "Rock" umbrella. Check it out below!

Damnit Goldie - CryCryCry

First up we have the track, CryCryCry, by Canadian band Damnit Goldie. We dig this track so much because of how effortlessly it flips between genres. Holding all the aspects of an Alternative or Indie hit, there's also a pretty evident Punk Rock sound in this track, and even some hardcore! CryCryCry was a perfect introduction to Damnit Goldie. It's a track that makes you want to keep listening, and it's a track that makes you eager for a new release from the band.

Noh - Grab The Gravity

Up next we have the new single, Grab The Gravity, from Japanese Math Rock band Noh. Just a heads up, this song has no vocals. Normally we don't share strictly instrumental songs, but this one really stood out to us. To replace the impact that vocals have on a song, Noh relies on constant song structure changes, multiple instruments, and impressive playing.

LECTOR. - Arizona

Switching into the gears of Hard Rock and Grunge, we bring you Arizona by LECTOR. from Belgium. This is a catchy track right from the beginning. A catchy guitar riff pulls you in, and then the song only progresses from there. The choruses are very catchy and lead into a really cool instrumental bridge. LECTOR. seems to be a newer band, so if Arizona is any indication of what to expect for the future, it's safe to say that you'll be hearing more about these guys.

Shotski - Favorite Ghoul

Favorite Ghoul by Portland, OR based Indie band Shotski is a great track. The song is from their new album, The Double, which was self-released on August 8th. Favorite Ghoul is our favorite track from the album, simply because of how catchy it is. Shotski does a great job and blending the elements of an indie/alternative song with elements of garage, surf, and psych rock. Overall this track leaves you wanting more after it's done. Lucky for you, there's a whole new album you can jam afterwards! We also added this song to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist.

Young Fatigue - Dislocation

Getting more into the side of Punk, we bring you Dislocation from London based band, Young Fatigue. This is a great track because of the journey it takes you on. Starting with a catchy and inviting bass line, the song ends up delivery extremely catchy choruses and an epic bridge/breakdown before ultimately leaving you with an anthemic outro. For broad stokes purposes, imagine a mix of Green Day, Nirvana and The Strokes. This is the only song the band has out, but it leaves you wanting more. Fortunately, it looks like Young Fatigue has some more music on the way.

Dream Nails - Jillian

Taking things to a lighter note, we have Jillian by Dream Nails from the United Kingdom. According to the band, this is a track "Is a personal-power anthem about finding the strength to come out". Dream Nails is a band that has some very impressive accomplishments such as touring with Anti-Flag and playing the Glastonbury Festival three times. Jillian was our the first track we listened to by Dream Nails, and it was a great introduction. The track is very catchy, the vocals are very real, and the instrumental is a perfect mix of indie and pop punk.

Patient Sixty-Seven - I Can Resist Anything, Except temptation

It was just a matter of time until we got into the heavy shit! I Can Resist Anything, Except Temptation is the newest track from Australian based Hardcore band Patient Sixty-Seven. This song drew us in because it boasts pretty much every aspect of hardcore that we love. Heavy instrumentals, screaming and clean vocals, and a beautiful/epic breakdown, it has it all. After hearing the bridge, we immediately knew we'd be starting the song over to appreciate it again. The fade out of the song is great as well, it leaves you in silence to process what you just listened to before you ultimately start the track again. We dug this song so much we also added it to our HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY Spotify Playlist.

Snowbound - Retrovertigo

Last up we have Retrovertigo by German band Snowbound. We chose to end out New Tunes Discovered Vol. 3 with this track because of how anthemic it is. The chorus of this song really hits hard. Blending aspects of Alternative, Hard Rock, and just a bit of Hardcore, Retrovertigo is a track that you'll want to check out over and over. Make it to the first chorus and you won't be able to turn back. We also added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist.


There you have it, New Tunes Discovered Vol. 4! Make sure to follow the bands of the tracks you liked so you can check out the rest of their music. Also keep up to date with Havoc Underground by following our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM profiles. See you soon for Volume 5!

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