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There's a band in Central Florida that you need to know about. They're a new band that leaves crowds in shock after each song. Their name is Gloriosa.

Gloriosa formed in 2017 and is made up Brent Osborne (vocals and guitar), Rubin Hill (bass and backup vocals), and Steve Osborne (drums). It's extremely hard to put their live performance into words. It seems that most songs start in a very soothing and light instrumental with soft spoken vocals, and then it hits. Gloriosa is somehow able to just unleash a beast that puts out a wall of insanely melodic music. Their heavy breakdowns make half the crowd move around like crazy, and the other half just left standing there stunned trying to figure out what the #%@! just happened. Keep in mind these guys are a three piece, yet you can't hear any voids in their sound or even think of where another instrument could be implemented.

We had these guys play another one of our shows we hosted at West End in Sanford, FL last week. I'm not joking when I tell you that at one point I turned around to inspect the crowd, and peoples jaws were legitimately dropped. The end of each song was met with a roar of applause from the audience, usually followed by some sort of chatter along the lines of "holy shit dude".

A lot of songs result in front man Brent on the floor of the stage ripping a solo or slamming into his guitar through a breakdown. Seriously it's almost like every song is bi polar in the best way possible. You can sway back and forth and then mosh in the same song. The most heartbreaking part about Gloriosa? There's no music yet recorded. So by the time their set is over, it leaves you eagerly wanting more. Their debut record should released by the end of 2018.

If you have not seen Gloriosa live yet, you are 100% missing out. Follow them on Facebook, as they're always on top of posting their shows and other local music news. You can expect them to play another Havoc Underground show soon too.

Gloriosa - FACEBOOK


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