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Neckscars is a band that's been on our radar since the beginning of the year when we featured their cover of "Hybrid Moments" by the Misfits. When we saw new tunes were on the way, we were excited. Their new single "Jarring" blew our expectations out of the water.

Gritty and anthemic vocal work leads this track through impressive instrumentals and unique transitions. By the time it's over, you're left incapable of not hitting repeat so that you can experience it again (and to hear that shredding guitar towards the end of the song). From what we can tell, this is a track from an upcoming album the band has set for this summer. We can't wait to hear more.

Make sure to follow Neckscars to see what else they have going on. We have this track featured on our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the new single below. If you dig it, support the band and buy it!

Neckscars - Jarring



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