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About a week ago, we heard the new single "Temporary Love" from Alternative Hip Hop artist mwelly. So... for about a week we've had the hook of this track stuck in our head, but in a good way! The "emo rap" scene is big right now, but so much of it feels forced, this is an example of the genre done correctly.

mwelly is a 21 year old artist from Germany. He started with Rap and slowly evolved into a much more rockier version of himself. After rediscovering the Punk Genre, he realized that this is his true passion. Playing the guitar since he was 10 helped him create the sound that he wants. Pop Punk meets Hip Hop in the most creative way here, leaving the listener with an infectiously catchy track that's all too easy to leave on repeat.

We're not sure what he has planned next, but we're really excited to find out. We added "Temporary Love" to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Check out the new single below!

mwelly - Temporary Love



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