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Talk about waking the fuck up with a triple flavor shot espresso. “I Wanna Know,” the latest release from indie rock band Mostly Strangers, is mouthwateringly aromatic with candy-coated synth leads, syrupy sticky guitar riffs, crispy rhythms, strong lead singing, and peppy gang vocals. This song really has it all.

The track’s opening exhilaration later eases into cozy comfort, as waves of warm, delayed guitar and a repeated vocal mantra (“life goes on”) wash over the song’s conclusion. It all feels as familiar and reassuring as the welcome aroma of fresh medium roast on a golden new morning.

We added the new track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Wake up with “I Wanna Know” for a punchy pick-me-up, then follow Mostly Strangers for news about their upcoming LP release, GONE, slated for March 11, 2022.

Mostly Strangers - I Wanna Know

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