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Belgian Hardcore band Moments just released their newest single "Out of Sight". This is the third track we've covered from the band, and the fourth single they've released this year. Just like the rest of their tunes, Moments delivered an aggressive, heartfelt and anthemic release here.

What drew us into this track is the chilling, and guitar driven, instrumental that kicks things off. Before long, you're greeted by the infections screamed vocals that Moments is known for. Unique transitions, a perfect instrumental, catchy hooks, breakdowns (that fucking breakdown!)... "Out of Sight" is everything you'd want out of a Hardcore/Screamo styled release.

This is the fourth single release form the band this year. We don't know what their future plans are, but we can tell you that we're really hoping for some sort of Album or EP to follow. After listening to these four tracks back to back, one thing becomes very clear, we need more Moments!

Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to stay on top of what they have going on. We added this track to our Heavy Heavy Heavy playlist on Spotify as well. You can check out "Out of Sight" below.

Moments - Out of Sight (Bandcamp Stream)


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