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Alt-pop artist Mitchel Dae has just released an electrifying new single entitled “Blue Banana Peel.” At its core, this track is an ear-grabbing singer-songwriter hit featuring honest, unfeigned lyrics gussied up with snazzy melodies. We get an x-ray of the song’s skeleton in the snapshot stripped down, acoustic sections and, dare we say, the chorus progression makes our vision swim with polaroids of 90s boy bands attired in dazzling all white dance costumes. But the sinew and muscle CT scan of this track adds darker depth in slowly chugging electric guitar, lightly keening ambient tones, and metal breakdown drums. You can’t go wrong with this smoothly designed brand of heavy singer-songwriter pop.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out “Blue Banana Peel” and follow Mitchel Dae for more music.

Mitchel Dae - Blue Banana Peel

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