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Brighton skate punk quartet Making Friends are jumping up out of the gate with a new, dazzlingly fast track entitled “Early Grave.” Considering the speed at which this and the other tracks in the band’s discography were recorded (all upwards of 200 bpm) and the improbable consistency of the tempo, we are left to wonder whether the band members are in fact human or rather alien, robot, computer, or possibly hybrid. Mechanically precise drumming, neat triplet-filled guitar work, full toned bass, and fun, distinctly British punk vocals lead the way in this modern skate punk track that zips ahead like Formula One on a continuous straightaway. Upbeat, exhilarating, and expressly entertaining, it’s just how skate punk should be.

For more zippy tunes, you can check out the band’s recently released EP "A Beginner’s Guide". We have this track featured on our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow Makin Friends to see what else they have going on. Check out the new single below!

Making Friends - Early Grave

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