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Love Ghost returns with another striking single, this time in a pared down trap rock style. “Cocoon” describes the narrator’s metamorphosis through a long period of emotional turbulence to emerge wiser and stronger on the other side. The dark soundscape, smooth drum machine beats, and melodic versus gruff vocals reminds us ever so slightly of early millennium rap rock; however, the raw, low-key character of this track sets it apart from anything produced in the genre of that era. It’s pared down, scaled back trappy rock that rests on a sparse instrumental backing of dropped acoustic guitar, fuzzed out electric guitar, and focused trap kit beats. The narration is driven by a layered mixture of lower register dispirited vocals and strained higher octave half-shouts.

As always, we are impressed by Love Ghost’s knack for honest lyricism performed without pretense through a versatility of arrangements. Every track from this band is unique, yet retains the band’s distinct personality, and “Cocoon” is no exception. Love Ghost is one of the best young bands of the year and we cannot wait to hear what they have in store next. Watch the trippy Alice in Wonderland inspired music video below, then keep an eye on their page here for more upcoming releases.

Love Ghost - C0coon



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