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Los Angeles based rock band, Lone Kodiak, recently released their new single "Make It A Weapon". Getting right to the point, we love this track. One thing that drew us into this song is because of the journey it takes you on.

"Make It A Weapon" is a track that really showcases the talent that Lone Kodiak possesses. The structure of the song and overall sound are very unique. The song boasts a wide range of instruments, ambient noises, catchy choruses, an emotional bridge that leads into an intense breakdown, and to finish it off, the track ends with an epic outro. There's so much going on in this song, that it makes you want to immediately restart it after it finishes. The crazy part? It gets better every time!

We've added this song to our Underground Indie & Alternative Spotify Playlist, and you will definitely see this song on our "Best of 2020" at the end of the year.

Lone Kodiak - Make It A Weapon (Spotify Stream)

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