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Solo Pop artist, Local Nomad, just released his newest single "Snakechild". We normally like to write up these articles while listening to the artist we're covering, but we couldn't do that with song. The problem? You can't stand still while listening to this track!

"Snakechild" is a track that makes you move. It has every element of an Indie Pop hit. Catchy instrumentals and vocal melodies take the listener on a euphonious journey from start to finish. While the instrumental may be upbeat and uplifting, the lyrics on this track are actually very deep and serious. Give this song a listen, and we guarantee you that you'll be restarting it after it's over to try and dissect it more.

Make sure to follow Local Nomad (linked above) to hear the rest of his tunes. Check out "Snakechild" below, or you can hear it on our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify,

Local Nomad - Snakechild (Spotify Stream)



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