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Weird Vibes” is the latest vaporwave pop single from L.A.-based duo Limón Limón. I think we can all agree that somewhere back around 2012, the time the Mayan calendar ended, we all unwittingly traveled through an invisible wormhole and are now living out an alternate timeline in an alternate dimension. That’s the only way to explain the strange goings-on that seem to have cropped up in the past several years.

Weird Vibes” does not hazard an explanation for these occurrences (though we’re sure the band knows more than it lets on), but it does provide a reaffirming soundtrack for our suspicions. Vaporwave synths and dancey auxiliary percussion accompany smooth pop vocals in cyclical ear-grabbing melodies. You will be singing this ear-wormhole in no time.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out “Weird Vibes” and follow Limón Limón for more music.

LimonLimon - Weird Vibes

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