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I Need You,” the newest release from Nashville indie pop group Kios, is relaxed shoegaze dream pop with bright swirling guitars, smooth bass lines, pleasant indie vocals, and even a bit of auxiliary percussion. There are hooks galore in this track, not only in the chorus vocal lines, but in the simple plucky guitar leads and combination dance beats featured throughout the track. We particularly like the instrumental bridge section with tandem guitars and a well-placed triangle. Altogether, the track has us picturing a 70s era bar and lounge outfitted with lime green upholstery, softly lit with incandescent lamps, and otherwise bathed in an afternoon’s glow filtered through a haze of hash and hookah smoke.

You’ll definitely want to check out this track and the band’s other repertoire for feel-good weekend vibes. Listen below and then follow Kios for band news, events, and more tuneage. We also have this track featured on our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify

Kios - I Need You

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