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Australian Punk band Kids Of Yesterday just released their new album "Escape Planet". The band has released some singles and EP's in the past, but this is their debut full length. At 16 songs, it's a long burn, but it's a perfectly put together album. By the time it's over, you find yourself wanting to replay the album and start the journey again.

Kids Of Yesterday is the brainchild of singer/ guitarist / chief songwriter Duncan Davidson. The band first formed in 2010 in the jam room of a Tempe share-house. Over the years founding members Duncan Davidson and Joseph Lamond have been joined by many talented musicians in the line up, as the band gigged frequently throughout Sydney, while self-releasing several EPs before releasing "Escape Planet".

It's hard to choose a favorite track from the album, so we're not going to, but we did add their song "Horsin' Around" to the top spot of our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow the band (linked above) to see what else they have going on. You can stream their new album in its entirety below!

Kids Of Yesterday - Escape Planet (Full Album Stream)


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