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Trouble”, newly released by Jane N’ The Jungle, is a sensational dark rock hit where the slow drum groove, tremolo guitar, and heavy chord progression tow you under while the superior lead vocals will you to fight back. It would be impossible not to snarl along to the chorus led by impeccably powerful, tough vocals - the scorching emphasis on the first word of every line makes us grit our teeth in angst. And the bridge section with its masterful orchestration of rising tension provides an awesome buildup to the furious final chorus. This is one we wish we had the vocal chops to sing because it would absolutely crush at a live band karaoke night.

The music video fantastically captures the dark energy of the track with intense shots of the band performing as the narrator evades a nameless assailant. Do not sleep on this track.

We cannot wait for touring to resume so we can experience the ferocity of this band live. Follow the band here and never miss an update. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Check out the new video below!

Jan N' The Jungle - Trouble



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