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Mid-2000s indie rock and modern vaporwave fuse in “Dumb Shit,” the latest release from alt-pop artist Jake Hays. This song is almost a clubbing level bop - but a chill club where you dress down in your casuals and slurp brightly colored mixes of nostalgic fruit juice brands, hang with good friends, and just vibe to the beats. Does this club exist somewhere? If so, we would like a VIP card.

We dig this track a lot for both the sound aesthetic and the relaxed atmosphere it can create amid any setting. Put this on at your next house party and watch mood rings shift from stressed shadowy to calm, cool, and collected blue in no time.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Loosen up with “Dumb Shit,” then follow Jake Hays for more music.

Jake Hays - Dumb Shit

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