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The newest single from Hyattsvillain combines the very debaucherest of zippy punk and fuzzy rock in a garage punk rags to riches tale. “Dr. Colorado” tells the real-life success story of an everyman street-level weed dealer who takes a chance on moving to Colorado, and through a life-changing turn of events opens a legit, highly profitable dispensary.

This heartwarming yarn is relayed with fun telephone vocals backed by extra-fuzzed guitar, the wooly mammoth of basses, and snappy drumming. Think 90s hit “Pepper,” but three times as fast and four times as fuzzy. This brisk, brusque, and highly entertaining track will have you hitting multiple repeats.

We added the new track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Rush into “Dr. Colorado” and follow Hyattsvillain for more band updates.

Hyattsvillain - Dr. Colorado

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