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The latest track from L.A.-based artist Holywatr descends through a full cross-section of pop and electronic soundscapes in record time. “Pressure” begins as dark pop with muted guitar and quiet percussive backing under expressive vocals, while the chorus expands with heavier rock guitar, clipping bass, driving drums, and a light synth coating. Then gradually, almost undetectably, we are pulled under into a deep vat of industrial electronics, the narration becoming more desperate the further we stray from the surface.

The lyrics are simple and meaningful, the theme clear. The arrangement’s mounting tension conveys a detailed seismograph of private turmoil escalating with no visible escape. This track is all-in-one pop entertainment, striking audio production, and provocative profundity.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Settle into “Pressure” and follow Holywatr for more music.

Holywatr - Pressure



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