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Australian band, HIGGS FIELD, just delivered their powerful new single, "Us Forever". Equipped with hypnotic vocal flows over an anthemic instrumental, this track shines bright and makes it hard to take off repeat. What a release!

Unique transitions pull you into the song and throw you into quite the wild ride. Big hooks show up out of nowhere, the instrumental hits extra hard, the guitar solo is a fucking face melter, and the lyricism is clever and heartfelt. There's a very complex mix of genres here too. Punk, Alt-Rock, Post-Hardcore, Grunge, Emo, and straight-up Rock n' Roll all make an appearance. HIGGS FIELD shines by blending the elements together and leaving listeners with a refreshing and melodic new tune.

You can jam along to the new single below. We also added it to both our Underground Punk and Underground Indie & Alternative playlists on Spotify. Make sure you follow HIGGS FIELD to stay on top of what else they have planned for this year.

HIGGS FIELD - "Us Forever"

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