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Indie Pop band Haunter just released their new single 'Risk It All". While this track might be more pop oriented than what we typically cover, we just could not resist. This song is a total hit.

Haunter describes themselves as "A bunch of former emo kids, and one metalhead, that ditched the loud guitars for big hooks and pop sensibilities." While that is hilarious, it's also clearly evident in this track. "Risk It All" is a heavy synth driven track that boats extremely catchy hooks and fun transitions. While playing heavy on traditional modern pop sounds, the track showcases an emotional instrumental and vocal flow that send chills down your spine. This song has everything you'd want out of a modern Indie Pop hit.

Follow the band (linked above) to check out the rest of their music. We added this song the top spot of our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. You can also check it out below. Happy listening!

Haunter - Rick It All (Spotify Stream)

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