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It’s always a pleasure to listen to a track with such effortless handling of imagery and lyricism. That is the case for the newest song from Good Terms called “Useless Things.” It starts with soft plucky guitar, fluent drumming, and subtle silvery bass. The lyrics conjure the story of a relationship gone south and the narrator’s decision to break it off, though it could be painful for both sides. Good Terms writes succinctly, “We’re all the hero of our own story, which makes it so much worse when we have to be the villain in someone else’s.

Partway through the track, we hear a shift in momentum with slightly heavier guitar, drums, and contemplative keys. Many of us know the inner turmoil of deciding to leave a collapsing relationship, though we still care for and fear hurting the other person. Those emotions are offered without pretense in this gentle and heartfelt track.

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Good Terms - Useless Things

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