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Bombshell (Kiss & Tell)” is a dynamite first release of the year for L.A. based indie rock artists Gone Sugar Die. This track is a post-punk lucid dream of entertaining imagery crafted by translucent vocals and framed through skillful arrangement of artistically layered instrumentation. If the verses are a wintry mix of slushy bass, frost-tipped acoustic guitar, and iridescent glass harmonica effects, the choruses are resonant avalanches of crushing electric guitar, reverberant glacial echoes, and crashing, shimmering cymbals.

Bombshell” evokes the brilliance of an ice-glazed hillside dazzled with bright mid-winter sun and the exhilaration of breathing in that crisp mountain air. We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify. Adorn your snowshoes and explore the track below, then follow Gone Sugar Die for more music.

Gone Sugar Die - Bombshell (Kiss & Tell)

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