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Philly-based pop-punk trio, Goalkeeper, brought the heat with their powerful new single, "Sooner". Equipped with hypnotic vocal flows that gently ride over a well-produced and ripping instrumental, this is an overall anthemic track that's way too easy to leave on repeat.

Goalkeeper has been on our radar since 2020. After hearing their sound, we've been anxiously awaiting a new release. "Sooner" is the total anthem that we were hoping for. Big catchy hooks drive this track through unique transitions and spot-on production. The band is riding a serious wave of momentum right now, and releases like this will undoubtedly keep the hype growing.

We're told this is the first single from the band's upcoming LP "I Wish I Met You Sooner", which will be out later this year. What an introduction to the album! You can check out the music video for the track below. We also added it to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Make sure to follow Goalkeeper to stay on top of upcoming releases!

Goalkeeper - "Sooner"



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