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Red Lion Recording Studio is a name that's grown to become well known to bands in Florida. They've worked with countless artists over the years, including a few acts that you'll be able to catch live at Florida Underground Fest 3. When searching for sponsors for FUF, we wanted to try and keep it focused on people who have had an impact on the underground music scene. Red Lion has done just that, and we're super honored to have them be a part of FUF this year. Get to know Red Lion in our interview with co-owner Caine!


HU: Tell us how Red Lion got started!

RL: So Red Lion was started in 2013. At that time, Gustavo and another partner started the studio where it is now in the old CTM (Clear Tune Monitors) building. In 2014 Gustavo's partner left to work at another studio and I had just recently moved back down from NYC. We had been friends for a while and both were trying to do the same thing with our studios so we decided to become partners. We are still in the same location but a lot has changed. We have made some massive upgrades to the facility as well as the gear and keep adding year after year.

Caine of Red Lion Studio

HU: As a studio, what services does Red Lion offer?

RL: Recording, Audio Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Producing and songwriting, RE-Amping, Audio Engineer Training, Live Streaming, Music Videos, and maybe a label soon???

HU: Has it always been a collaboration between Caine and Gustavo?

RL: Me and Gustavo partnered up around 2015. We both had separate studios with some nice gear so it made sense to partner up and combine forces. It's a tough business so having a great partnership has been one of the things that have kept us around this long.

Gustavo of Red Lion Studio

HU: We've heard positive and negative stories from studio owners, what prompted you to open Red Lion?

RL: Since we started we have been trying to make the best mixes possible for bands. It's the reason we started this studio and the reason we spend so much time and money on practicing our craft and investing in cool gear. We are gear nerds too and it's a lot of fun playing with our tools to make a bad ass song!

Caine is in Effit who plays on Saturday 8/6 at Florida Underground Fest 3

HU: You've worked with a ton of bands from Florida, a few of which are playing at FUF, is there a recent project you've been a part of that really stands out?

RL: Oh man yeah this year has been epic! Got a lot of cool projects coming out right now. The new 430 steps album is being mixed now and sounds incredible! We also have Off The Rails from Jville and Effit in the studio tracking some new jams. Also stoked to start Never Ender's new album later this year!

Gustavo is in 430 Steps who play Sunday 8/7 at Florida Underground Fest 3

HU: How have you been able to manage the grind of running a studio and having a life?

RL: I think we are still figuring that out lol. This is our family business and our kids have been raised around the studio. Our friends, and family, all helped out with recent expansion and construction and we couldn't have done it without them. We also make a point to play hard when we have time off.

HU: Any new projects or plans for Red Lion that people should know about?

RL: YES! We are planning on making a Drum Sample pack at the end of the summer with 3 or 4 of our drum kits for people to use in their productions. We also just finished our amp wall so we will be creating a Kemper pack with a ton of great guitar tones for people to use in their own home studios.

Red Lion Amp Wall


You can follow Red Lion Studio on any of their social media accounts to stay on top of what they have going on. Visit their website if you're interested in booking them for your project!



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