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Killian Studios has been responsible for countless recordings released from bands throughout Florida. A few of the projects they've worked with will be playing Florida Underground Fest. We're so stoked to have them as a sponsor of FUF 3, as they've had a huge impact on the Florida music scene. Get to know Killian Studios below from our interview with the man behind the gear - Matt Goings!


HU: How did Killian Studios get started?

KS: After a few years of recording my band and friends' bands, I officially went full-time and launched Killian Studios in January of 2019.

HU: Is it a one-man operation? If so, has it always been that way?

KS: Yes, it's always been just me! I like to have my hands on every aspect of production. From engineering, recording, and editing, to mixing and mastering.

HU: I know you've played in bands in the past, what prompted you to learn the recording and producing side of music?

KS: My first band in high school went into a studio and we paid a lot of money to get an end product that was very much lacking. We eventually tried to record on our own. I was the only one with access to Garageband (we had Mac Pros in my TV production class), so I mixed the song. I really enjoyed the process and preferred saving money and doing it on my own. That's still my attitude now! My band All Gone Grey's upcoming record is fully self-produced.

HU: You have worked with a ton of acts over the years, so I know this might be tough to answer. Are there any projects that specifically stand out, or ones that you're extra proud of?

KS: Definitely a tough one. If I can only list a couple, I'll go with I Met a Yeti, Home is Where, AnimalJam, The Problemaddictsfl, and Odessos. Home is Where I'm especially proud of because they're the first band I've worked with to get some serious press attention. They've been mentioned in The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, BrooklynVegan, Pitchfork, and so many more. Their record I Became Birds also made it on to Billboard's staff picks for one of the best albums of 2021. Highlight of my career so far for sure!

HU: How has the studio grown over the years?

KS: It's still a home-based studio in the same location in Daytona Beach, but over time I've been able to branch out from just recording my band and friends' bands to now mixing and mastering bands from Texas, California, Chicago, and even Austria. So it's really been able to grow beyond just the Daytona and Central Florida music scenes.

HU: What do you look for in a band that wants to work with you?

KS: Great songs that have something to say. And open minds. When it transitions from me just hitting record to it becoming a collaboration, that's when it becomes really fun. I love experimenting and adding weird vocal harmonies. I love it when a band is receptive to that kind of stuff.

HU: Any new projects or announcements you want people to know about?

KS: I Met a Yeti has new music coming out soon that I think people will really like. I'm also working with this new band called Dearly Beloved which is playing their first show at Florida Underground Fest! I've had such a blast working with them and I think their music is phenomenal. Definitely keep an eye on that band. Beyond that, my band All Gone Grey's new album should be dropping later this year. We dropped a couple of songs earlier this year, and I'm really happy with how my mixes came out!


If you want to contact Matt Goings about potentially working on a project, you can find all the contact info and references you need at Killian Studios

You can also follow the studio on Facebook



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