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Florida Underground Fest is an event that aims to bring together and showcase the mass amount of musical talent Florida has to offer. When looking for sponsors, we knew we wanted to bring on outlets that are connected to the underground Florida music world. Today, we're proud to bring you DCxPX Live!

These guys exploded onto the scene, and they've since been booking shows and releasing music. Get to know them below, and make sure to follow along to see what else they have planned.


HU: For those who don't know, what is DCXPC Live?

DCxPC: DCxPC Live is a live music, vinyl-only record label.

HU: Where did the idea come from, and how did DCXPC start?

DCxPC: Mike and I (Scott) are both in Call in Dead, and we used to book shows as DCxPC Live (I’m from Washington D.C. and he’s from Port Charlotte, FL thus DCxPC Live). When the pandemic hit, we switched to doing livestreams, and since we recorded the shows, we thought it’d be great to put them out on vinyl. I’m a big fan of the old Vindictive Music Label’s VMLive series, so I pushed to make sure our covers gave homage to their cover design and aesthetic.

HU: Owning a label can be a pretty thankless job, and at times, suck lol. How's the experience been so far?

DCxPC: The bands we’ve worked with thus far have all been great to work with. Most of them are either friends from FL or friends that Scott knew from living up north, so while it certainly hasn’t been profitable, it has been fun, and the bands have really seemed to appreciate our efforts.

HU: It's hard to play favorites, but has there been a recent release that you just can't stop listening to?

DCxPC: I know the one I never listen to is the one with Call in Dead. LOL. No need to listen to my own band. At the moment, I’ve been enjoying the mornings listening to the test pressing of Ann Beretta Live (Acoustic) at the Broadberry in Richmond, VA. That album will be out in October…assuming all goes well.

DCxPC Live has been nominated as "Best Local Record Label" in Orlando Weekly's "Best of Orlando"

HU: We know you've had a pretty big focus on the aspect of releasing live recorded music. Where did that idea come from?

DCxPC: Well besides the aforementioned explanation, I’d also say it comes from my youth. My first Circle Jerks album was “Gig”; my first Fear album was “Live for the Record”; my first Slayer album was “Decades of Aggression”; my first Agnostic front was 1989’s “Live at CBGBs”, and my first Exploited was “Live at the White House”. So I think you’re getting the picture. Throw in our love of just going to live shows, and to us that is the best way to enjoy a punk or hardcore show–live.

HU: As you know, FUF is aimed at bringing together a piece of the massive talent pool that Florida has to offer in alternative music. What do you love about the FL scene? Is there anything you wish we had more of?

DCxPC: Like all good scenes FL has great bands and dope people who support the bands whether they play in one or not. The shows are always fun to go to because the people are really supportive and work together. I’ve never been part of any drama or infighting, so that’s always a plus. If we need anything it would be an all-ages venue. Growing up in DC and being able to go to shows at 15 made me want to play and be part of the awesome scene. I always wonder how many young bands we are missing out on because there are so few places and shows that high school kids can come to a show and get inspired to start their own band or that if they did they’d be able to play a show since they aren’t even old enough to get into the show.

DCxPC Live owners Scott Pasch and Mike Krutak

HU: What's coming up from DCXPC that you want people to know about?

DCxPC: We have several releases coming out:

  1. DCxPC Live Vol. 5 The Goons Live that Black Cat (12”)

  2. DCxPC Live Vol. 7 Curtains/Swift Knuckle Solution Live at the Danger Room (7”)

  3. DCxPC Live Vol. 8 Ann Beretta Live (Acoustic) at The Broadberry (12”)

  4. DCxPC Live Vol. 9 Some Kind of Nightmare Live at Lou’s (7”)

  5. DCxPC Live Vol. 10 RATH & The Wiseguys/The Kutoffs Live at Lou’s (7”)

  6. DCxPC Live Vol. 11 The Ratchet Boys Live from 1997-2001 (Benefit for Bone Marrow Donors) (12”)

  7. DCxPC Live Vol. 12 Fortitude Live at Lou’s (12”)

Plus we are working on the mixing and mastering tracks for the following bands to release albums with us:

  • No Coffin

  • Moat Cobra

  • Atlas

  • Rise Defy

We are also frequently talking with various bands and looking for bands to release albums with.


There you have it - DCxPC Live! You can support them by checking out their website (linked to their name) where you can find the releases they've put out, as well as all their social media accounts.



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