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Fixated” is the latest single from PA pop punk four-piece Fresh Steps. It opens with a drum beat that reminds us of percussion ensemble STOMP banging on bins and lids, then adds in faraway new wavey guitar, and finally reveals pop punk style vocals and chords à la Simple Plan. We like the way the vocals trade off in a call and response fashion, and the vocal harmonies are really stellar. Based on the vocal lines alone, we are reminded of a Disney or Broadway soundtrack - the vocals are that clear and consistent and the harmonies are that well-crafted.

This is a truly uplifting track, not only in the bright musical arrangement, but in the optimistic lyrics that focus on mental health, particularly the desire to support someone in their recovery, even if they can’t be helped directly. We added this track to our Underground Punk playlist on Spotify. Take a break to listen below and then follow Fresh Steps for more band news.

Fresh Steps - Fixated



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