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Arizona Pop Punkers, First and Forever, just released their new single "One More Time". Getting right to the point, this track absolutely rips! It was our first time listening to the band, and we're now hooked.

In the words of the band "First And Forever began their mission in the summer of 2017. That mission? To bring back the nostalgic emo and pop-punk sounds of the early and mid 2000’s." Well... it's pretty obvious that the band has captured the sound that they were looking for, but in our opinion they went a step above. Yes this track brings back the nostalgia of that era in music, but they've added their own elements into the mix which ultimately allowed First and Forever to create their own sound.

It's only September, but you can expect to see "One more Time" on our Best of 2020 list at the end of the year. We also added this track to our Underground Punk Spotify playlist.

First and Forever - One More Time (Spotify Stream)

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