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Southern California based Indie-Pop band Fialta just released their incredibly catchy new single, "OMG". The song draws you in immediately, and by the time the first instrumental hits, you're hooked.

This was our first time listening to the band, but after doing some digging we saw that they've had some impressive success, both underground and commercially. Their music has even been featured on the TV shows Bojack Horseman, Atypical, and Awkward. "OMG" was the perfect track to introduce us to the band. It's a great example of the songwriting skills they posses. Not only can they write a catchy Indie hit, they're able to do so while also carving out their own sound in the Indie-Pop genre.

We added this track to our Underground Indie & Alternative playlist on Spotify too. Follow the band (linked above) to hear the rest of their music.

Fialta - OMG (Spotify Stream)

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